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We offer the full range of a child and youth medical practice, from comprehensive diagnostics to the treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. Further details can be found on our website

A special feature we offer is Homeopathy and nutritional medicine based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can find further information about these special treatments on some leaflets laid out in our clinic or on this website.

A selection of services in keywords

Allergological diagnostic investigations

Processing of rehabilitation and cure application forms

Certification and checkups for Sport associations, nurseries etc. *

Disease-Management-Programme (DMP) bronchial asthma

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Development diagnostics

All GP contracts


Desensitisation of allergies (Specific Immune Therapy)


Examinations for youth work

Homeopathy *

Laboratory examinations

Pulmonary function tests

Consultations on travel-health issues und and travel-vaccinations (when travelling abroad)

Eyesight tests

Infrared Eyesight tests (reliable measuring already at baby age) *

Language tests

Sonography e.g. Abdomen and Hips, colour duplex sonography (to measure the flow of blood)

Preventative medical checkups (U2 can be carried out at home) as well as all additional checkups (U10, U11, J2)

* This is usually not covered by the regular health insurances, however they are mostly covered by the private health insurances.

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